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Approximately 270 days separate the mom-to-be from the sweet new mom. Days of pure enchantment with everything that is happening, days spent daydreaming about everything that is still going to happen. These are the days that will never be forgotten, that deserve to be eternalised. A unique and unrepeatable time with this baby’s heart still beating on the inside, but already adding magic to this fairy tale that is being created on the outside.


The little princess has arrived! The little prince is here! Suddenly, home becomes a castle, with bubbles of love and happiness floating everywhere, with a new heart giving new life to a growing family that is literally on cloud nine. The first few days are precious, we observe everything, we don’t want to forget a single second, we want to memorise all this forever. That’s just the way it is with great love stories.


The heart that was beating inside is united with the hearts that were beating outside, anxiously awaiting their arrival. The anticipated and emotional encounter between mother and baby, between father and child is so much more than just a happy ending, they are the first lines of an endless story and love. These are the moments that all parents want to remember with joy and longing, to keep very close to their hearts. An extraordinary connection, a family legacy to pass on from generation to generation.


What’s your family story? We’re pretty sure it’s incredible. Each one with their very own heart and soul, their dynamics and playfulness, their looks filled with complicity and with words, those who are comfortable and those who are always against everything, the one who talks non-stop and the one who doesn’t say a word, the one who can’t sit still and the one who must know everything… What would fairy tales be like if they were all the same?


And because it is usually always a woman who is behind the camera, capturing days with family or friends, work details, holidays or other events, the time has come to move to the other side of the lens – to be the object of our attention and affection. Only and exclusively as a woman. Your portrait, live and in colour.


We were informed of everything from the temperature of the place to the food. When we arrived we were extremely well received, there was a sign with our daughter's name on the door. As we entered, the place was lovely warm and comfortable. Sofia stayed with the photographer, while I was being looked after by the make up lady, I loved it ... We stayed in a room with a huge diversity of food, in that room we had a window where we could watch the whole session. We also could watch a movie or any other program, they were incredible. We can only thank the whole team, for all the attention for all the affection they had with both the parents and our daughter, I would like to thank for the opportunity.

Thaynara Chaves dos Santos & Edgar Carvalhosa

I had the privilege of having @pinchofheavenphotography entered my life, in what was the most special sessions, the session of my Pregnancy! ❤️ I was surrendered with such sympathy, delicacy and sensitivity. When I got the final result, well... I couldn't believe it! The words will not make any justice to how I felt! ❤️

Ana Cláudia

Once upon a time... in Sesimbra... in "Pinch of Heaven Photography", a long waited dream came true! My debut, my reunion, so much connection and a pure love. That's how it all happened to me. My story, my own self was "projected", in these pictures. I confess that I was afraid of not being able, of not being able to undo it, because my experience was none. I never liked seeing myself in the pictures. I didn't recognise myself in them. But with Pinch of Heaven Photography it was completely different! Upon arrival, small details made my eyes flicker and the emotion spoke louder!!! The charming space, with unique pieces, special and with a deep meaning. The feeling of being at home... comfortable, relaxed and fascinated, with the choice of makeup, the choice of clothing, the scenery, the colors, the sweets, the textures, the details, the aroma and with a TRUE FAMILY, which taught me to smile... to believe that I can also look beautiful in the photos, this wonderful team that you are. With all this, and more... beyond anything I could imagine... I saw and felt the «MAGIC», in every click, in every word, in every instruction, in every posing during my photo shoot, where my sister was the great star that shone that day. I can only say that I am VERY PROUD, PASSIONATE AND GRATEFUL for your LOVE.

Janete Valente

I have no words to describe such a day well spent in the company of my daughter and an extraordinary team. I had a lot of fun and so did my little one, from the reception to the preparation and all the way to the end of the session, it was quite spectacular. A magical setting that has everything to do with us is created, enveloping us. A team that, in addition to being super fun, makes us feel very comfortable and manages to capture all our moments of complicity, happiness and beyond, because they are able to pierce the bubble of love that exists in our own little world and the best part is that they are able to express all that through the photos and the video. They were able to tell my story. Thank you! An experience that I will definitely repeat. Congratulations, you are fantastic.

Bárbara Hanriat Ferreira

A mix of love, dedication, friendliness and professionalism is not enough to describe Pinch of Heaven Photography. I could travel all over the country and I would certainly not be able to find as much quality and dedication as they put into what they do. It was a privilege to receive your talent, affection and such a special energy. I can only feel grateful to have met you and to have captured the best of my life in such a magical way. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, that's all I can say.❤️

Catarina Pereira

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“We all deserve our very own fairy tale.””

– Jussara Valente

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