Studio photography

Pinch of Heaven Photography

Studio photography

Pinch of Heaven Photography

In our studio it is like entering into another world, because in this space, the sky is the limit. It is a space where there is space, for the woman, for the mother, for the baby, for the whole family.

Sessão de fotografia de newborn no jardim a descansar com o ursinho, tirada no estúdio Pinch of Heaven Photography


All of the suddenly, the house turns into a castle, with bubbles of love and happiness floating everywhere, with a new heart giving new life to a growing family that it is literally in the clouds.

Sessão fotográfica de grávida em momento de ternura, amor e pose artística, no estúdio fotográfico Pinch of Heaven Photography


Days of pure enchantment with everything that is happening, days of daydreaming about everything that is yet to happen.


The long-awaited and emotional encounter between mother and baby, between father and baby is much more than a happy ending, they are the first lines of an infinite story and love.

We opened our studio photography in 2020. Today, we create timeless photographs and videos, static and moving images, portraits of your own story, of yourself. We will do everything possible and impossible to always provide our customers with a transformative and unforgettable experience, including butterflies in your belly. And that was how, with our feet firmly on the ground, but with our head in the clouds, the Pinch of Heaven Photography by Jussara Peres was born. From real life to the dream come true - and that's how we want it to be for you, for a few hours and forever.


“We all deserve our very own fairy tale.””

– Jussara Valente


Estúdio Fotográfico

Sesimbra (Junto ao Parque Augusto Pólvora – Maçã)