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Pinch of Heaven Photography

I fell in love with photography when I was just a teenager, fascinated by Mother Nature, constantly snapping detailed photographs of flora and fauna, insects, the moon, of nature at its best. Coincidentally, a day of intense rain completely damaged my camera… it seemed to be Mother Nature’s way of putting me on another path. Photography was left behind and my professional life followed a completely different course. And because life is not made up of just one path, let alone a straight path, life decided that everything would change once again for our growing family. We embraced a new country, new careers and new goals.

But… since we must always return to what makes us happy, behold, life switched up our path yet again. The birth of my youngest daughter led me to schedule a newborn photo session. What I felt during that session changed my life forever. I had to be in front of the camera to realise that my real place was behind the camera. It was a goosebump moment where, suddenly, a light bulb popped up over my head and lit up my heart – this is what I was born to do. To be a part of this piece of heaven that is capturing first, second and third-time mothers, inspiring women, babies growing in a perfect bubble just waiting for their time, new families and big families. There’s nothing better. I had found my way back. Back to my soul. And I wasn’t the only one.

My life partner once again became my work partner. He too travelled back in time to remember his teenage years, a time when he was fascinated by new technologies, by creating videos, by the fantastic stories that life on film has the power to tell. An old and forgotten passion, which gained a renewed energy on that day.

Excited and with a belly full of butterflies, we immediately put everything in motion. We outlined a strategy and a plan, we attended numerous internationally recognised training courses, we studied, photographed, filmed. In fact, we never put down our cameras again. In 2020 we opened our studio. Today, we create timeless photographs and videos, static and moving images, portraits of people and their stories.

On the day of the photo session with our daughter we felt an out of this world experience and when we were thinking about the name, vision and future of this project, we were absolutely sure of one thing: we would do everything possible and impossible to always provide our clients with a transformative and unforgettable experience, butterflies included. And that was how, with our feet firmly on the ground, but with our head in the clouds, Pinch of Heaven Photography by Jussara Peres was born.

From real life to the dream come true – that’s exactly how we want it to be for you, during a few hours and forever.

Take care,

Jussara Valente
Gerson Peres


Jussara Valente


Gerson Peres


Every fairy tale requires its own enchanted kingdom.

Walking into the Pinch of Heaven studio is like walking into another world, because here, the sky is the limit. The rainbow lights the way to this special place, where we have everything we need for sessions that are so much more than just a simple photo shoot. They are passionate experiences, filled with pure happiness.

This is a space where we make space, for the woman, for the mother, for the baby, for the whole family. To get ready, to take a break, to wipe away tears, to have a good laugh, to feel completely at ease.

This is a space where comfort and safety always come first.

This is a space where we are free to be creative, daring, playful, serious, to be ourselves.

This is where we open the treasure chest, ours and yours.

Come in… let yourself go, it’s time for magic!

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“We all deserve our very own fairy tale.””

– Jussara Valente


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